How To Steps for Requesting an Appointment Through Your Patient Portal

Understanding How to Make an Appointment

How Can I Reach My Receptionist to Schedule an Appointment?

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How To Request an Appointment Through Your Patient Portal

** Begin your request through the Patient Portal **

Log in to Patient Portal

• See Appointment Tab, located in the left dropdown menu

• Click “New Appointment” and fill in Facility

Pawleys Pediatrics and Adult Medicine

Provider, Choose your Physician
(Select your primary Physician)

Dr. Kelly
Dr. Nicol
Dr. Haseltine
Dr. Wren
Dr. Ross
Dr. Baker
Dr. Sandifer

• Choose Appointment type:
New Patient Pediatric
New Patient Adult
Wellness Appointment
Sick/Problem Appointment
Problem Follow-up Appointment

• Reason for visit, free type:
“Annual visit” or “follow-up Medication” etc…

• Date Range: click calendar and choose “From” and “To” date

• First and Second-day preference:

• Choose a time • 8:00 • 9:00 • 10:00 • 11:00 • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 •

Preferred Method of Contact:
email or phone

*If the appointment date & time is available you will automatically be notified of an appointment based on your method of contact.

*If the appointment date & time is NOT available you will receive an email message to check your portal.


• You can type in a message in the Free text box

**Messages will be checked at 8:00 am and 2:00 pm***

****For any urgent or emergency needs call 911****

If you have trouble accessing your portal, call us. Our receptionists are happy to assist you.