Do you have the Healow App?

You can now CHEK-IN to our new kiosk using your Healow App!

  • We have two kiosks on either side of the Reception window
  • Simply click “Touch to begin”

IMG_6247 (3)

  • Choose the 3rd option “Scan QR Code”


  • Open up your Healow App on your PHONE & Click on “CHECK-IN”


  • Once you click “CHECK-IN” the QR Code will appear

QR Code

  • The kiosk will then ask to take a picture of your QR Code
  • Simple hold your phone at about 6 inches away & facing the Camera ( If your phone is to close the QR code will appear Fuzzy)
  • Once the Kiosk has acknowledged your appointment, you will be prompted to confirm your demographic information.