Our Team

Quality and Administration


Lynne Read - Practice Manager

Lauren Dunk - Quality Coordinator, Administrative Supervisor

Lauren McCaskill - Administrative Assistant

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Cynthia Capitelli, RN - CCM

Kelly Thornell, LPN  - CCM

Billing and Insurance

Georgia Ross White - Billing Supervisor

Jessica Chila, CPC-A - Coding and Claims Specialist

Carla Page - Billing and Payments Specialist


Mimi Moody - Front Office Supervisor

Ebony Cooper - Receptionist

Shayla Cumbee - Check-in Receptionist

Mary Kelly - Check-out Receptionist

Debbie Nicholas - Referral Coordinator

Kylie Schindler - Check-in Receptionist

Clinical Care


Sheri Blankenship, RMA

Erica Bolick, RMA

Lucy Miller, NRCMA

Christian Richardson, CMA

Kathleen (Kate) Skolnik, RMA

Tichina Stafford, CCMA

Carrie Syler, RMA

Savanna Tanner, CCMA

Cathy Zak, LPN